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Conscription of Crimeans into Russian Army Illegal

A spring conscription into the army of Russian Federation that the RF intends to hold in occupied Crimea since 1 April, is illegal. As well as all previous and further conscriptions, by the way. The Crimean Resolution of UN General Assembly where Russia is clearly called occupying power has specifically ‘flavored´ this conscription and … given the Crimeans grounds to escape it.   At the same time Russia keeps on drafting the Ukrainian...
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Propaganda of War and Human Conscience Militarization in Crimea Affect All Population Strata

Ms Olga Skrypnyk and Ms Irina Sedova, representatives of the Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG) told on camera at UKRLIFE.TV what a new wave of scaling back rights and freedoms had brought to Crimea: escalation of political repressions, militarization of public opinion, fake news and cultivation of hatred to Ukraine at schools. ...
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Convoy of Russian military machinery was delivered to Crimea through Kerch – video, photo

Crimean residents have reported about a large number of military vehicles, which arrived in Kerch through ferry line and proceeded deeper into the peninsula. According to eyewitnesses, a train with military equipment was at the railway station on 6 August. ...
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List of ‘terrorists’: The way Russia infringed financial rights of pro-Ukrainian Crimeans

There is a new restriction among a wide range of illegal restrictions and systematic violations of human rights for political reasons in Crimea – a so-called “List of organizations and individuals, on which there are evidences that they are involved in extremist activities or terrorism”. The Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Russia (Rosfinmonitoring) makes this list and publishes on its website. ...
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Activists: Crimea energy blockade does not help Ukraine’s cause on peninsula

While many Ukrainians cheered the start of the electricity blockade of Crimea in late November and called it long overdue, Ukrainian rights activists monitoring the Russian-occupied peninsula see it only as a cause for alarm. “If prior to these actions it was possible to definitely say that Russia was the only player permanently violating human rights in Crimea, and that for the restoration of these rights it would be necessary to have the...
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Crimeans describe life during blackout after attacks from Ukraine

Crimean residents are learning to live with thawing fridges, pitch-dark highways and shuttered schools a week after Ukrainian miliants began attacking the power lines feeding the region. As Russian authorities scramble to restore power, almost 2 million people have been left without electricity. Despite the hum of generators filling the streets, most businesses have been forced to shut down or dramatically scale back their operations. Major...
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