Home of Crimean Tatar Searched in Crimea On Charges of ‘Collaborating With Ukrainian Intelligence Service’

In Bakhchisarai on March 4, the security agency men carried outinvestigative actions in the house of Emil Emirov, a Crimean Tatar. He was accused of “connections with Ukrainian agents.” Mr.Emirov used to work as the deputy head of the KRYMTELECOM Joint Stock Company, CRIMEAN SOLIDARITY reports.

According to Mrs Dilara Emirova, during the search the security agency men did not allow to call a lawyer or leave the house. One of them introduced himself as Vladimir Shevchenko – he surveyed the rooms, confiscated money, flash drives and all electronic media. He hinted that her husband had received money from the Ukrainian security services, and had allegedly admitted this personally.

The “report” accusing Emil Emirov states that he allegedly could communicate with the Ukrainian security agencies. Dilyara refused to sign it without a lawyer, and reacting on this, the police threatened to summon her for questioning by the FSB.

The search was attended by 2 students – witnesses from Simferopol, claiming that they were walking in Bakhchisarai. During the investigative actions three armed men were present.

‘Given the current situation, I think this is a fabricated case. He (Emil) was suspected due to his work’, Diliara thinks. The woman also added that the security men terrified her daughters, 18 and 23 years old.

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