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Vladimir Balukh was visited by the Russian Ombudsman in the Crimean pre-trial establishment (SIZO)

Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian Human Rights Commissioner, visited the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh at the Simferopol pre-trial establishment (SIZO) on May 18, 2018.

The ombudsman asked the Ukrainian about the state of his health, whether Vladimir has any complaints.

According to the information of the Crimean Human Rights Group, after her visit to the ward of Vladimir Balukh, a curtain was placed, which separates the toilet from the rest of the cell room.

Recall, on March 19, 2018, Vladimir Balukh, after the unjust and illegal sentence on a criminal case against him, declared an indefinite hunger strike. A few weeks later, Members of parliament of Ukraine and human rights activists asked the Ukrainian citizen to stop the hunger strike not to allow irreversible consequences for his health. Archbishop Clement received the status of public defender of Balukh and was able to communicate with the Ukrainian.

Balukh did not stop the hunger strike, but began to add liquid honey to the water and eat a little crackers and oat jelly.

After another “judicial” meeting, Vladimir Balukh turned to all Ukrainians and explained why he went on a hunger strike, as well as how he had to endure physical and moral abuse by officers of the Crimean SIZO.

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