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Students’ Year Achievements Are Marked Down in Crimea Because They Have Not Written Letters to “SVO Participants”

As reported by KRYMSKYI DISKURS (Crimean Discourse) Telegram channel, in some Crimean schools, students are marked down for year achievements because they have not written letters to the “SVO participants”.

The Initiative states that there were at least three cases when teachers explicitly mentioned this reason to mark down the students.

In addition, the activists recorded at least 5 cases when students were not allowed to bring yellow and blue color balloons to the farewell party.

As mentioned by the Initiative, “Graduates’ ribbons in the Crimean Tatar language and colors of the national Crimean Tatar flag were banned, too, as the combination of these colors is similar to the Ukrainian one. It was not also allowed to hang up the Crimean Tatar flag in two schools: it was explained that “this flag does not have a status of national symbol of the Russian Federation”.

The CHRG has informed earlier that since the start of occupation the Crimean children have been influenced by wide-scale aggressive Russian military propaganda. Some of these actions may be qualified as war crimes and violate child’s rights.

The entire school education system starting with curricula, has propagandized the service in the Russian army and “Russian world values” in this or that form that denies the children the opportunity to exhibit a Ukrainian identity or to be free in choosing it.

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