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A 5 Years’ Sentence of a Crimean for Alleged Participation in YELLOW RIBBON Movement

Микола Онук

The occupation “Zheleznodorozhnyi District Court” of Simferopol convicted Mykola Onuk, a local resident, accused of “desecration of Russian state symbols, vandalism, and storage of an explosive device”.

“KRYMSKYI PROTSES” (Crimean Process) has reported that the trial session was held in camera. “Judge” Yevgeniya Romanenkova found Mr. Onuk guilty and sentenced him to 5 years in confinement to be served in the general security regime penal colony, and a RUR50,000 fine.

According to KRYM.REALII, Mykola was detained in August of 2023 when the Russian security men came to search his residence. He was accused of disobedience to an occupation “policeman”. The case was considered by Nataliya Pliyeva, judge of “Zheleznodorozhnyi District Court” of Simferopol. It was said that files with various Ukrainian symbols similar to those spread by YELLOW RIBBON movement in the Ukrainian occupied cities had been found at his place of residence during the search. In January 2024, Russian propagandists stated that Mykola Onuk was an agent of Ukrainian Influence Center and a criminal case had been started against him.

Later Mykola was arraigned under RF CoAO Article 20.3.3 (discreditation of the Armed Forces of Russia), and in January 2024 Russian pro-war public pages started publishing photos of Mykola Onuk detention operation and claiming that that he was a person involved in the criminal cases.

Finally, Mr. Onuk was charged under three articles of the RF Criminal Code: 222.1, 214, 329. These articles establish punishment for illegal purchase, transfer, sales, storage, transportation, sending or bearing explosive substances, vandalism and desecration of the National Emblem or Flag of Russia. What the second and the third criminal episodes are based on is not clarified either by Russian publics or security agencies.


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