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Two criminal cases were started in Crimea against Fazil Ibraimov who is the activist of so called “Polyana protesta” (Protest glade)

The activist was detained after a search in his house. Fazil Ibraimov and his wife Mumine were detained on February 15, 2018 in Simferopol at 10 am, when they were together on their wat to their son in the Strelkovoie village. According to Mumine, they were approached by a police car. One of the policemen introduced himself as Lieutenant Ruslan Fedchenko. He asked the Ibraimov family for a passports to check, after they were put in a car and...
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An ambulance was called to the “court” for the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh due to pain in the back and dizziness

Vladimir Balukh again felt ill during the court session of the Razdolnoye District Court. “Judge” Elena Tedeeva repeatedly refused to call an ambulance, but the activist and his defender managed to call the doctors. Medical staff refused to take him to the district hospital due to lack of grounds and conducted a medical examination right in the courthouse. After the examination they informed the “court” about the...
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