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Political Prisoner Zakhtey Released in Crimea But Can’t Return to Ukraine

Andriy Zakhtey, a Ukrainian, convicted by a Russian court in the case of “Ukrainian Commandos”, was released from the Simferopol maximum security regime penal colony in Crimea. However, he was not allowed to leave the territories occupied by Russia, GRATY Ukrainian media project reports.

As reported, Mr.Zakhtey has fully served his six-and-a-half-year sentence, but the Russian authorities did not allow him to leave for Ukraine and placed him in the Center for Temporary Detention of Foreign Citizens in the Rostov Region.

Andriy Zakhtey was detained by the FSB of Russia in August 2016. Those days the Russian security agency detained a group of “Ukrainian Commandos” in the occupied Crimea, who were allegedly preparing terrorist attacks on the peninsula. The detainees were kept in the Moscow Pre-trial Detention Center in Lefortovo for some time, and later returned to Crimea.

The Russian security agencies stated that the persons detained in this case: Yevhen Panov, who was released during a large exchange of captives in September 2019, and Andriy Zakhtey had planned acts of terror on the tourist and social infrastructure of the peninsula.

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