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Oleksiy Kiseliov, Ex Captain of MS SLAVUTICH, Told About Torture After Abduction

Oleksiy Kiseliov, a volunteer and former commander of the Ukrainian Navy command ship SLAVUTICH, abducted in the occupied Heniches’k, was beaten and tortured by Russian security men with electric current.

This is reported by GRATY media, referring to Alexey Ladin, Kiseliov’s lawyer.

According to Mr.Kiseliov, after his detention and a violent search, on July 22, the man was taken to the vocational technical school No 17 in Heniches’k, the Russian Guard unit base, and there he was interrogated by a man with TRAKTORIST (Tractor Driver) call sign, wearing camouflage uniform and a balaclava on the head.

After the conversation, I was taken to a room with seven places to sleep, where I stayed until the morning of the next day, and where I was later interrogated with violence and use of electric current. During these interrogations I did not see anyone, because I had a T-shirt on my head. Interrogations continued until Monday inclusive – twice a day for two hours each. They asked me where were weapons of Heniches’k Territorial Defence unit, what was my call sign, what were call signs of my subordinates who were waiting for my command, what data I had transmitted to the Ukrainian security agencies about the situation in the city of Heniches’k,’ Kiseliov told the lawyer.

On July 27, Mr.Kiseliov was brought to the administrative border with the occupied peninsula and handed over to officers of the Crimean department of the FSB.

‘I was being transported with a T-shirt on my head. When crossing the border, they took off my T-shirt so that a border service officer could check the photo of my passport with my face, then they put the T-shirt on my head again and took me to Simferopol, as it turned out later, I was taken into the FSB building, then moved to the fourth floor, and taken into the office,’ the activist said.

In the security service department, several people, whose faces Kiseliov did not see, again interrogated him and offered him to confess: ‘They said that I must confess that I was a terrorist, a member of the Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan, and that I was a member of a special group led by Serhiy Kunitsyn, a presidential representative in Crimea in 2010. Periodically, violent actions were used against me – blows to the head and the use of electric strike. This all happened for about three hours. All this time I was with a T-shirt on my head and my hands were tied.’

Two days later, on July 29, 2022, “investigator” Sergei Bushuyev filed a petition with the ‘Kievskiy District Court’ of Simferopol to arrest the pensioner. The ‘court’ considered it on the same day. ‘Judge’ Valentina Kamynina arrested him for two months under RF CC Article 208-2. According to the security agencies, Oleksiy Kiseliov ‘being on the territory of Ukraine, in May 2016, voluntarily joined the armed formation “Crimean Tatar Volunteer Battalion named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan” operating on its territory, that is against the laws of this country, and acting for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation.’

The FSB of Crimea believes that he supplied food to other battalion members and trained them for a naval blockade of the Crimean peninsula, taught them how to operate ships and ‘to date has failed to announce his voluntary termination of service in an illegal armed formation.’

Mr.Kiseliov denies his guilt and answered the questions of the investigation that he knew nothing about the weapons, members and goals of the volunteer detachment. He admitted that he had met the creator of the detachment, businessman Lenur Isliamov, but claimed that he did not maintain any relations with him. Lenur Isliamov told ‘GRATY’ that Oleksiy Kiseliov had nothing to do with the detachment.

As reported:

  • Oleksiy Kyseliov, Retired Reserve 1st Rank Captain, and Former Commander of the HQ Ukrainian Navy MS SLAVUTICH, Volunteer and Activist, was detained in occupied Heniches’k on July 22,, and taken out to Crimea.
  • On July 29, the “court” in Simferopol imposed a pre-trial restraint on him – two months of detention.

Mr.Oleksiy Kyseliov (born on February 2, 1964) was Commander of the HQ Ukrainian Navy Ship SLAVUTICH. When he retired at the Captain 1st Rank, he became a businessman and a public activist in Sevastopol. When Crimea was occupied in 2014, he left for Heniches’k. He is one of founders of PERESELENETS’ – SOS (RESETTLER SOS) NGO dealing with rights of internally displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas.

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