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Fourth person involved in the case of “Ukrainian saboteurs” is the citizen of Kharkov

Владимир Присич (канал Россия-1)

According to the Crimean human rights group, there is a fourth person involved in the case of “Ukrainian saboteurs” that were detained in August in Crimea. Presumably, this is the citizen of Kharkov Vladimir Prisich.

Currently the fate of Prisich is unknown. Perhaps he is in pre-detention centre in Simferopol or in “Lefortovo” pre-detention centre in Moscow.

Earlier, Russian media, citing sources in the Federal Security Service of Russia stated about nine “saboteurs” that were detained in Crimea.

During the program on TV channel “Russia-1” a man, who was represented as a truck driver Vladimir Prisich from Kharkov, says that he allegedly was recruited by Ukrainian intelligence service in January this year, travelled to Crimea and collected the data about Russian military units located there.

“I was recruited in mid-January 2016 by the employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine at the Goptovka -Nehoteevka checkpoint. His name was Oleg and his nickname was Musa;name, title and rank are unknown to me. During the recruitment Oleg told me that my job is to gather information on the movement of military equipment on the territory of Crimea. Also they have asked to pay attention to the amount of equipment, type of equipment, identification marking signs and license plates with the regions information.  The employees of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine installed the program on my phone where they gave the information regarding the tasks that I had to accomplish. “- man says.

According to top Russian TV program Prisich was communicating with Ukrainian intelligence officer using the pseudonym Sarmat, and in the period from January to August 2016 he was eight times in Crimea.

“Being in Crimea, I have transferred five times photos of military equipment, armoured vehicles, as well as radar stations and cars parked near the military unit to the employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.  On 9 August 2016 I had a meeting with an employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine in Kharkov, in the cafe” Kulinich “where I was asked to illegally transfer the box measuring 60 by 60 by 30 centimetres to the territory of Russian, “- the man says.

Crimean human rights group suggests that Prisich also could give evidence under torture or physical or psychological pressure with the violation of his right to a defence.

Previously, the experts of Crimean human rights group documented human rights abuses against detained Evgeniy Panov, Andrey Zahtey and Redvan Suleymanov. “These facts and violations of fundamental rights and freedoms indicate that the arrested citizens of Ukraine in the “case of Ukrainian saboteurs ” (note – Evgeniy Panov, Andrey Zahtey and Redvan Suleymanov) were victims of a politically motivated prosecution,” – said in the statement of CHRG in September of this year.

To assist him Crimean human right group asks the relatives of Vladimir Prisich to contact +380 (67) 224 01 73 or e-mail [email protected], or on the official page in Facebook

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