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Each of 172 Persons Who Were Captives, Will Receive UAH100,000: Resolution of Commission That CHRG Participates In

Another 172 people released from Russian captivity and 368 families of persons who are still illegally detained by the Russian Federation may receive UAH100,000 of state aid each. This decision was made on April 18,2023 at a meeting of a special commission at the Ministry of Reintegration, that the CHRG is a member to.

The Ministry of Reintegration will transfer the funds to them after receiving the necessary documents from those released from captivity.

The commission also recognized 64 people who submitted applications and supporting documents as members of families of captives. Thus, the highest number of appeals during the entire time of the commission’s work was considered at this meeting.

To remind: the commission was set up in December 2022 to enforce Law of Ukraine “On Social and Legal Protection of Persons That Were Verified To Have Been Deprived of Personal Freedom as a Result of Armed Aggression Against Ukraine, and Members of Their Families.”

The Crimean Human Rights Group was re-selected to the Commission.

“This is the same commission to which relatives of those deprived of liberty for political reasons in the occupied Crimea can apply. Be aware of changes, including a new application form. The Crimean Human Rights Group is a member of the new commission as it was of the previous one. If you need advice on how the relatives of those who are detained in the occupied Crimea, including those who have been abducted by Russia and moved to Crimea, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Regions, should address, you may contact the CHRG on Facebook or by e-mail [email protected]”, Ms.Olha Skrypnyk, Chairperson of Crimean Human Rights Group Board, called on.

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