‘Crimean Battalion’ of 1,200 Persons Sent to War – Aksionov

A “Crimean Battalion” of 1,200 volunteers was sent to war. This was stated by Sergey Aksionov, ‘head’ of Crimea occupation authorities, RBC reports.

According to him, more than 1,200 persons, including representatives of the “Kazaks”, left Crimea as volunteers to participate in military operations.

“What the Crimeans can do in order to support the armed forces – everything is done. No one needs to be persuaded. We have a single opinion regarding the support of the president and the goals of conducting a special military operation. Some volunteers came directly through the Military Commissariat. Representatives of our Kazaks were gathered. We have fully equipped the Crimean Battalion, helped with money, and more,” Aksionov said.

The prime purpose of military operations was described by Aksionov as ‘to protect national interests of Russia’.

To remind: in early July Sergey Aksionov, ‘head’ of Crimea occupation authorities, signed an edict on ‘conscription commissions to mobilize citizens’ in Crimea.

The CHRG reported, that as of July, 20, 336 criminal cases under RF CC Article 328 were registered in Crimea (Evasion of service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), that were sent to the “courts” on the occupied peninsula. 37 such criminal cases have been sent already after February 24, 2022. 315 cases have been sentenced, 21 are under consideration.

Russia is known to be actively involving conscripts from the temporarily occupied territories in the war against the Ukrainian State.

The CHRG has been recording fatalities among Crimeans.

The Crimean Human Rights Group is appealing to the Crimeans not to participate in the war against Ukraine.

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