Case of Citizen Journalist Found Non-Guilty To Be Reconsidered

The “Supreme Court of Republic of Crimea” overturned the ruling against citizen journalist Zedin Abdzhikeliamov, who had been detained during mass detentions at the building of the “Crimean Military Garrison Court” on October 25.

The judgement of the first instance court, that stated absence of any administrative offense in the journalist’s actions, was canceled by “judge” Vladimir Agin who decided to send the administrative case against Zedin Adzhikeliamov, accused under Article 20.2.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, for a new consideration to the “Tsentralny District Court” of Simferopol.

As the citizen journalist explained, judge Agin considered the actions of the first instance judge on assessing the evidence and the arguments on exercising professional duties as a journalist at the venue of the mass event, insufficient.

On November 23, in the evening, 31 persons who had come to the Temporary Detention Facility in Simferopol to meet lawyer Edem Semedliayev, whose term of administrative arrest had expired, were detained. Reporters of “Crimean Solidarity”, carrying their press cards, were also detained.

On May 19 several policemen and FSB men searched the place of residence of Zedin Adzhikeliamov, a reporter of the Crimean Solidarity Non-Governmental Association.

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