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Attempt to Hand in Conscription Notices to Crimean Tatars Detained at “Court’ Building

The Crimean Tatars detained at the “court” building were attempted to hand in conscription notices.

As reported, on August 25, during the trial, attendees were detained on a mass scale at the building of “Kievskiy District Court”. The special police unit men detained 23 Crimean Tatars.

According to the CHRG monitor, the detainees were taken to the “Kievskiy District Police Station”, where they were drawn on reports under RF CoAO Article 20.2.2 (Attending a mass gathering of citizens).

Then an official of “regional military committee” came to the district station to issue conscription notices to clarify the data.

To remind: on August 24, from 04:00am to 08:00am, there were mass searches in the houses of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchisarai and Bakhchisarai District of Crimea. FSB men detained six persons under RF CC Article 205.5. All the detainees are activists of “Crimean Solidarity”: Remzi Nimetulayev, Ruslan Asanov, Seydamet Mustafayev, Ametkhan Umerov, Abdulmedzhyt Seitumerov and Eldar Yakubov. All six were sent to the Pre-Trial Detention Centre until the end of October.

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