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Addressing Crimeans whom Russia forced to fight against Ukraine

We are addressing the Crimeans serving in the occupying armed forces of the Russian Federation, including those forcibly mobilized by the Russian Federation!

Russia is waging a full-scale war against Ukraine that you are citizens of. Russia is killing Ukrainian soldiers who are defending the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian land. Russia is killingcivilians, is killing children, women, is striking houses, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, cars of civilians.

Russia IS NOT conduct any exercises or “special operations”. All Russia’s actions now are a war against Ukraine. Russia wants to use you to commit war crimes.

The forced mobilization is being carried out by Russia in Crimea that constitutes another war crime.

Do not take part in the war against Ukraine, leave the military units.

If you were in the Russian armed forces and were sent outside Crimea, Russia will use you in this war against Ukrainian people.

If you are outside Crimea in the Russian armed forces, do everything possible to avoid participating in hostilities.

When the armed forces of Ukraine approach – surrender, drop your weapons, leave your armored vehicles, show the “white flag” (any white object or fabric), step away from the droppedweapons, lie down on the ground.

You can also surrender to the National Guard of Ukraine, the police, the territorial defense, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.

Doing this, you will be able to avoid involvement in war crimes and human killings.

You will be able to save your life.

You will be treated in accordance with the norms of International Humanitarian Law (no physical injury or torture, the sick and wounded will be provided with medical care).

We are addressing the relatives of those who are now serving or have been forcibly mobilized in the occupying armed forces of the Russian Federation!

Find out where your relatives are, call the military units, go to the military units and demand to leave your relatives in Crimea, block the military units and do not allow the military units to leave their places of permanent basing.

Do not let your children, husbands, brothers die in Putin’s war!

Crimean Human Rights Group

Center for Defence Strategies

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