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4 people died unnaturally in April in Simferopol Detention Center

In April of 2018, according to CHRG data, at least four people including two Crimean Tatars, died unnaturally in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1.

The CHRG holds information that Mr Server Bilialov, 69 years old, and Mr Oleg Goncharov, 46 years old, were supposedly found hanged in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1 administrated by the RF occupation authorities.

On April 12th Mr Dmitriy Shypovnik, 23 years old, was found hanged in the punishment cell (SHU).

On April 13th Mr Islam Iskerov,39 years old, convoyed to the Simferopol Detention Center from Dzhankoy, was found with a cut throat in Cell no 8 where the new arrived are placed, so called quarantine.

These data have been verified by several and separate sources.

The Crimean Human Rights Group does not hold reliable data on the reasons that caused the deaths of these people. One of the versions is a suicide by self-hanging (Server Bilialov, Oleg Goncharov, and Dmitriy Shypovnik) and by self cutting throat (Islam Iskerov). However, the suicide versions may be considered doubtful due to several reasons. According to the data held by the CHRG, Mr Bilialov expected that a criminal case would be soon closed due to  newly discovered facts and the punishment would be remised.

Dmitriy Shypovnik was ‘found’ hanged in the punishment cell (SHU). But this is the place where people are put after a thorough personal search, and the prisoner is kept there alone, permanently controlled.

It is not clear what could provoke Islam Iskerov to self-cut the throat when he was charged with RF CC Article 158.1, when the maximum punishment shall be a two-year’s sentence, and the minimum one – a fine up to RUR8,000.

There is no information about these incidents at the official websites of RF Investigation Committee, RF Prosecutor’s Office, and RF FPS.

The CHRG experts point out that according to international standards the occupying power is responsible for lives of civil people under its control.

As stated by the ECHR decisions, the state shall be responsible for any person in custody since they are completely in its power. Therefore, the DC administration and the RF FPS Department senior officials are responsible for these deaths. The affirmative to prove that all and any possible measures have been taken to save the lives of prisoners, and the Detention Center has not procured their deaths is held by Sergey Vladimirovich Berezhnoy, Russian police Colonel, Detention Center warden, and his direct supervisor – Vadim Viktorovich Bulgakov, Russian police major general, head of Federal Penitentiary Service Department for Crimea.

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