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Figurant of the case of “Ukrainian saboteurs” Dudka was left in custody by Crimean “court

Володимир Дудка

A court session was held in the “Supreme Court of Crimea” to consider the appeal against the preventive punishment in the form of detention of Vladimir Dudka.

The lawyers under the agreement could not be present, and the court was notified in advance. Dudka, who was personally present in the courtroom, asked to postpone the meeting, but he was denied. The court-appointed defence lawyer was present at the court session. The “Judge” Cherevatkins rejected the appeal and upheld the decision of the court of first instance, according to which Vladimir Dudka should be in jail till 8 July.

Recall that Ukrainian citizen Vladimir Dudka was detained on 9 November, 2016 on charges of preparing sabotage as a part of an organized group. The Crimean citizen has been in custody for more than six months. In February, during one of the hearings, he stated that he and other arrested persons are not provided with the necessary medical care in the Simferopol pre-detention centre.

The Crimean human rights group claims that the citizens of Ukraine that were detained in Crimea in the period from August to November 2016 in the case of the so-called “Ukrainian saboteurs” (Evgeny Panov, Andrei Zakhtey, Redvan Suleimanov, Vladimir Prisich, Dmitry Shtyblikov, Alexei Bessarabov, Vladimir Dudka, Gleb Shabliy, Alexei Stogniy), are imprisoned for political reasons with violation of fundamental rights and freedoms and are political prisoners.