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Zakhtei was interrogated in the Crimean “court” in the case of the “Ukrainian saboteur” Panov

Today, on May 3, 2018, the next hearing in the case of “Ukrainian saboteur” Evgenii Panov took place in the “Supreme Court” of Crimea. The case is trialed by “judge” Andrei Palii.

According to the lawyer Dmitrii Dinze four witnesses of the prosecution were questioned at the meeting: two witnesses, a representative of the MUP (public utility company) and the other defendants in the case – Andrei Zakhtei.

Andrei Zakhtei refused to give evidence to the “court”. He confirmed the written testimony he gave during the pre-trial investigation. According to these testimonies, Andrei Zakhtei was not familiar with Evgenii Panov before the investigation began.

The Crimean human rights group reported earlier that the citizen of Ukraine Evgenii Panov is accused of the fact that he, according to the investigation, “planned to sabotage civilian and military facilities in Crimea.” In the case of Evgenii Panov, torture, psychological pressure, falsification of evidence, obstruction of the work of lawyers, violation of the right to a fair trial were recorded. Evgenii Panov, Andrei Zakhtei and other citizens of Ukraine who became involved in the cases of “saboteurs”, according to human rights activists, are victims of politically motivated criminal prosecution.

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