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Zaitullayev Detained by FSB at Attempt to Enter Crimea in Custody till 9 March

The Crimean Human Rights Group got the information that on 11 February Ms Tatiana Rube, a judge of Kyiv District Court of Simferopol imposed a pre-trial restraint of a month custodial placement for Mr Seit Ibraim Zaitullayev.


When selecting a restraint, the judge violated provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of RF and imposed a custodial placement without legal grounds for this. Judge Rube referred to availability of some operational data on the supposed illegal actions of the Crimean though no specific facts were indicated. During the court session the judge breached also the right to attorney since she interdicted the defence lawyer to communicate with his client.


‘We do not know yet whether the lawyer has placed an appeal but this violation of the RF CPC provisions by judge may testify a prejudicial treatment of the suspected and biased sentences of the judge. It appears that similar to many other high profile cases a judge has no intention to establish the facts and a level of culpability but just wants to send the person to the detention center, Ms Olga Skrypnyk, head of Crimean Human Rights Group pointed out.


Russian border guards detained Mr Seit Ibraim Zaitullayev, a 19-year’s old Crimean, in early hours of February 10. And only on February 17 the Russian mass media informed, referring to the FSB press service, that Mr Zaitullayev had attempted ‘to cross the border with Crimea from the Kherson region bypassing the border check-point’. A criminal case on illegal border crossing (Article 322 of RF CC) has been initiated against him. According to the FSB information, Mr Saitullayev is in the list of Noman Chelebidjikhan Crimean Tatar Volunteer Battalion.


The supposed operational shots presented in the RUSSIA 24 TV channel piece show Mr Zaitullayev telling about special instructors in the battalion who ‘train acts of sabotage and terror’: ‘That is to enter unnoticeably (Crimea – eds.), to perform any act of terror or intelligence situation and then leave unnoticeably, too’ –the Crimean said on the video.


The CHRG experts note that Russian mass media have demonstrated such staged operational videos with ‘confessionary statements’ previously in the ‘Ukrainian commandos’ case (Yevgeniy Panov, Andrey Zakhtey, Dmitriy Shtyblikov et al.).


Mr Lenur Isliamov, a founder of battalion, has confirmed to Mr Anton Naumliuk, a Radio Svoboda correspondent, that Mr Zaitullayev used to be ASKER member but two moths ago he was dismissed.


According to his mother, Mr Zaitullayev is in the Detention Center No 1 of Simferopol.

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