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Yatskin Left Under Convoy from Saratov Detention Center to Kemerovo Region

On December 6, the Ukrainian political prisoner Ivan Yatskin was convoyed to Kemerovo Region from the Saratov Pre-trial Detention Center.

This was informed to Ivan Yatskin’s relatives by Saykha Saypudinova, a lawyer from Saratov, who was able to visit Ivan Yatskin last week, lawyer Nikolai Polozov reports.

The lawyer confirmed the information about Ivan Yatskin’s hunger strike, which he had to declare after the systematic pressure and abuse he was subjected during this convoy stage.

‘In addition to the medicines and surgical dressings that he had been taken away at this stage, the FSIN staff restricted him from making calls to his family through the Zonatelecom system, cut his bag during the search, and broke all the cigarettes. They also demanded to destroy the statement that Mr.Yatskin was going to send to the Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova,’ Mr.Polozov wrote.

How long the convoy stage from Saratov to Kemerovo region will last is unknown.

As the CHRG reported, Ivan Yatskin went on a hunger strike.

In early December Mr.Yatskin was under convoying: he was moved from Krasnodar Area to Saratov region known for torture of prisoners, to Saratov Pre-trial Detention Center No 1.

  • To remind: Mr.Ivan Yatskin is a citizen of Ukraine who was born in Crimea and supported Ukraine actively and openly. He was detained in October 2019 in Simferopol.
  • On May 21, 2021, the “Supreme Court of Crimea” announced the verdict to Ivan Yatskin, who was accused under Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “High Treason”. The session was held in camera; the defendant’s mother and his wife were not allowed to be present at the verdict announcement. The judicial board, after being in the chambers, found Ivan Yatskin guilty and sentenced the Crimean resident to 11 years in the maximum security penal colony, with a restriction of liberty for one year. The entire trial in this case was held in camera, the defense lawyer did not comment on the course of the consideration, having signed a non-disclosure commitment.
  • In July 2021, political prisoner Vladislav Yesypenko met Ivan Yatskin in the Simferopol Pre-trial Detention Center. According to Mr.Yesypenko, Mr.Yatskin had been  given psychotropic drugs in Lefortovo, so he did not remember the time spent in the Lefortovo Pre-Trial Detention Center. In addition, as Mr.Yesypenko said, Yatskin’s toes were frostbitten, since in winter he was forced to walk ‘only in slippers.’
  • Lawyer Nikolay Polozov, after his meeting with Mr.Yatskin in the Pre-Trial Detention Center, said that the staff of the pre-trial detention center deliberately created unacceptable detention conditions for Yatskin and did not provide him with any medical assistance. Suffering from a chronic disease of the lower extremities, he had not received any necessary treatment in the Russian prisons where he stayed for more than two years, he has not been even properly medically examined.
  • In early November, Ivan Yatskin was convoyed from Crimea to Kemerovo region to serve his sentence on the verdict of the “Supreme Court of Crimea”.
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