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Ukrainian citizen Igor Movenko was beaten in Crimea and taken to the Federal Security Service of Russia

Игорь Мовенко

This morning, on 16 December 2016, in Sevastopol, the officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia came to the work of Igor Movenko and took him with them. Also, law enforcement officers seized Igor’s work computer. Valentina the wife of Igor Movenko reported about this to the Crimean human rights group.

“A few hours later, about 12 p.m. the security forces brought Igor to our home in handcuffs. The door was opened with a key, which was taken away from Igor, although I was at home. By that time I already knew that Igor was taken to the Federal Security Service as I was told about it by his co-workers on the phone. We were read the decision of the court to conduct a search, but the copy was not given to me. ”

Valentina Movenko informed CHRG that it was forbidden to communicate with her husband, but Igor had a chance to tell her that he was beaten, threatened to put to jail if he did not confess to extremism.

Valentina said that during the raid a laptop, hard drives from home computer, sim-cards, and packaging from the starter pack were seized. Igor’s mobile phone was also taken. The search was carried out by 7 people. Two witnesses were in the apartment during the search.

The Federal Security Service of Russia officers carried out filming in the apartment of Movenko. “They were very interested in the Ukrainian flags that we have in the apartment – said Valentina. ”FSS officers told me that Igor is taken to Sevastopol FSS, and if he does not recognize his guilt, the court will choose the measure – detention. And if he recognizes the guilt, he will get house arrest”- said Movenko.

Previously CHRG reported that on 7 September Movenko was beaten in Sevastopol for symbols of battalion “Azov” placed on the frame of his bicycle. The police and ambulance was called at the scene. Crimean citizen was hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed to Movenko open head injury, concussion, skull base fracture, a broken jaw, a closed fracture of the nasal bone contusion of the eyeball and other injuries.

Movenko attacker called himself as a police officer. However, the case for beating the Ukrainian citizen was not opened. Instead, on 22 September the Gagarin District Court of Sevastopol held a hearing at which the beaten Movenko was fined for 2000 rubles “for the distribution of Nazi symbols.”

Crimean citizen tried to get the police to open a case on the fact of his beating. He wrote an official letter to “The Investigative Committee”, “the prosecutor’s office” and “police” of Sevastopol. However, the case was never opened.

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