Two Crimeans Fined for Crimean Tatar Flag

Rustem Kurnosov, aged 73, Enver Useyinov, aged 65, and Ebabil’ Ibragimov were detained in Bilohirsk at Ak Kaia Rock. As Ms.Elmaz Kirimly, an activist informed, Mr.Ibragimov, who was video recording what was happening, was released after the conversation in the ‘police’ station.

Mr.Rustem Kurnosov and Mr.Enver Useyinov were drawn up reports under RF CoAO Article 20.2-2 ‘Organization or holding of a public event without submitting a notification about this public event holding’. In a few hours, the occupying ‘Bilohirsk District Court’ found Mr.Kurnosov and Mr.Useyinov guilty of committing an administrative offense and fined them RUR20,000 each.

This means that the ‘court’ accuses the violation of holding a car race with a demonstration of the Crimean Tatar flag. There was a flag on two cars. This caused administrative liability, though there was no car race at all. And just opposite there were more patrol policemen, Anti-Extremism Center men, and police than people today,” the activist wrote. As she also noted, a Russian flag was streamed at the same time at the foot of Ak Kaia.

When the activists asked the police whether those people had submitted a “notice of holding a public event”, the police officers became silent and naturally had nothing to answer. All are equal, but some are more equal,” Ms.Kirimly emphasized.

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