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Two Berdiansk Residents Accused of Terrorism by Occupiers Were Found in Pre-Trial Detention Center no 2 of Simferopol

Two residents of Berdiansk accused by the occupiers of allegedly preparing an act of terror in the occupied city in summer of 2022, are being held in Pre-Trial Detention Center no 2 of Simferopol.

As the CHRG found out, Mr.Vitaliy Rastorhuyev (born on October 9, 1976) and Mr.V.Kryvtsov have been held in the Pre-Trial Detention center No. 2 for more than a year. Both are accused of violating RF CC Article 30-3 and Article 361-1 (preparation for an act of international terrorism).

According to the occupation “investigation”, the men were allegedly preparing an assassination attack on Oleksandr Saulenko, occupation ‘mayor’ of Berdiansk,.

As it was published in Crimea, Vitaliy Rastorhuyev, the citizen of Ukraine, was detained in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia Region, in the summer of 2022. There was no information about him for a long time. Then it became known that almost at the same time, Mr.Rastorhuyev was convoyed to Crimea, where the ‘Kievskiy District Court’ of Simferopol placed him into the pre-trial detention center at the request of the FSB.

The occupiers state that Mr.Rastorhuyev was “recruited through the OPIR (Resistance) Civil Movement established by Yevhen Astakhov, SBU officer, when the SVO (special military operation) started. This organization has trained many men and women to carry out acts of terrorism and sabotage, including those aimed at assassinating members of the military-civilian administrations, in the territory of the Zaporizhzhia region.”

Mr.Yaroslav Zhuk, a volunteer abducted in June in Melitopol, who is being tried by the occupiers in Rostov, is considered by them another ‘OPIR’ member.

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