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This Is Death Sentence: Amet Suleymanov, Citizen Journalist, Convoyed to Police Prison Cell

Mr.Amet Suleymanov, a citizen journalist, sentenced to 12 years in the penal colony, was convoyed to the Bakhchisaray Police Prison cell.

As Mrs.Lilia Suleymanova (Liumanova) informed the CRIMEAN SOLIDARITY, the sentence in his criminal case came in force once the case had been considered by the “court” of appeal, and the penitentiary service men enforced it.

“They said that a document with a seal had arrived, that the sentence had entered into force. I asked – can we have at least 10 minutes, we are fasting for the Ramadan month: we have not eaten all day. I asked for at least 15 minutes so he could get meals and get dressed. They said no, he should be quickly taken away. Amet only had time for the evening prayer and to get dressed,” Lilia Liumanova said.

“We consider this verdict a death sentence because his state of health and the conditions of staying in these institutions are incompatible. Amet suffers from many diseases: heart, lungs, stomach, and joints, just recently he was diagnosed with gonarthrosis, i.e. the destruction of cartilaginous joints,” his wife added.

Lawyer Serhiy Zayets’, who is Amet Suleymanov’s representative at the UN Committee against Torture, reported that the Committee had appealed to the Russian Federation with a demand to suspend the execution of the sentence involving an actual imprisonment. The international organization insists on conducting a comprehensive medical examination and providing the necessary treatment.

“This interim decision of the committee gives a chance to save the convict’s life, but, unfortunately, does not rule out the execution of a clearly unjust sentence”, human rights defenders commented on the decision.

Amet Suleymanov suffers from arterial and mitral insufficiencies. He was recommended to have a heart valve replacement surgery. In addition, the defendant had been assigned a disability category but in 2015 it was cancelled because he refused to have a surgery in Moscow – Mr.Suleymanov was regularly treated in the Kyiv hospital, and planned to be operated under control of his permanent cardiologist.

As reported, on 29 October, 2021, the Southern Area Military Court of Rostov-na-Donu announced sentences for the defendants of the Third Bakhchisaray “Hizb ut-Tahrir Case”: 17 years in custody for Seytumer Seytumerov, 14 years in custody for Osman Seytumerov, 13 years in custody for Rustem Seyitmemetov, and 12 years in custody for Amet Suleymanov. They all should serve their sentences in the maximum-security regime penal colony.

According to CRIMEAN SOLIDARITY, Amet Suleymanov was the only case defendant kept on house arrest due to his health condition: he should regularly visit the doctor because he suffers from arterial and mitral insufficiencies. He was also recommended to have a heart valve replaced.

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