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The prisoner Lugin was transferred from Crimea to the RF immediately after complicated surgery, – his wife said

According to the information received from Irina Lugina, her husband was sent away from Crimea to Russia without medical support, even without removing his surgical sutures.

After Andrei Lugin tried to commit suicide by slitting his throat, he got operated in Simferopol Municipal Hospital No.6. There he had stayed since April 26th till May 2nd. After that he was discharged and sent to infirmary of the Simferopol Remand Prison for further medical monitoring. This is stated in his clinical report given by Mr. Lugin’s wife. The report also stated that Mr. Lugin was going to have his sutures removed on May 5th.

However, according to Irina Lugina, on May 3rd her husband was taken to the RF without medical support, without removing the sutures.

Irina has received no formal information on where her husband is. Mrs. Lugina assumes that Andrei was transferred to the Krasnodar Krai and thence to the Mordovian colony.

On April 26th, the Crimean citizen Andrei Lugin, staying in the Simferopol Remand Prison, tried to slit his throat with a sharp object. He has done this in order to avoid convoying to a Russian colony. After suicidal attempt, the man in an extremely serious condition was taken to the reanimation of Simferopol Municipal Hospital No. 6.

Let’s recall that the Crimean Andrei Lugin, the citizen of Ukraine, was convicted in a criminal case and sentenced to life imprisonment jet before the occupation of Crimea. For several years he was serving a sentence in Crimea, and then he was illegally moved from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea to the colony of Mordovia (RF), and in January 2017 he was returned to Crimea. Appeals for his transfer as a citizen of Ukraine to the Ukrainian authorities were ignored