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Teacher in Crimea Was Fined for “Anti-Russian Statements”

“The Chernomorskoye District Court of Crimea fined a Ukrainian woman RUR30,000 rubles for “anti-Russian statements”.

“A resident of the Chernomorskoye District was imposed an administrative fine for public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Russian Armed Forces, as stipulated in Article 20.3.3-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation”, the “court” judgement states.

As reported in the media of the occupiers, this refers to Ms.Kateryna Pavlenko, born in 1953, a social care teacher at school no 1, settlement of Chernomorskoye.

Pavlenko … is constantly demonstrating her anti-Russian position. During the entire year she has observed the principle of not signing the national anthem of the Russian Federation at the daily all-school assembly. Debating with a colleague, a native of Donbas, on the Donbas events of 2014 – 2015, she said that all reports on Ukrainian artillery shelling Donetsk, were lies, and the “Alley of Angels” in Donetsk was a Russian propaganda fake. Concluding the debate, Kateryna Pavlenko stated that “everything that is happening in Ukraine now is the fault of Russia, which helped the militias of the DNR and LNR, and if Russia hadnt intervened, nothing like this would have happened, the occupiers’ publics claim.

As the CHRG reported, the pressure for dissent has intensified in Crimea: Crimeans who speak against the war are being persecuted under several articles of the Criminal Code. The most frequent reason for persecution has become was the publication of NO WAR slogan on the social network or a single-man protest with the same statement on the poster. I AM FOR PEACE – these words have initiated one of such persecutions. According to the logics” of the occupying power, since the Russian Federation is not officially at war with Ukraine, but is conducting a special operation, calls for peace are a discredit to the Russian Armed Forces. Talking about the Russian-Ukrainian war with acquaintances, colleagues or relatives also often becomes a reason for persecution. The same refers to posts or comments on the social networks.

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