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“Priority Is for Salary”: A Mobile Station for Contracting into Russian Army in Crimea

A mobile recruitment station for contracting into the RF army has been set up at the Lokomotiv stadium in Simferopol. Here are also stands with training weapons and grenades. Supervised by the Russian instructors, Simferopolers were allowed to assemble and disassemble rifles and assault rifles. This is being reported by KRYM.REALII.

One of them, Anatoliy Dubitskiy, master of sports, a weightlifter, told Reuters that if he did not have “great potential in sports”, he would have signed a contract with the Russian army, in particular “because of the salary”.

The contracting campaign main focus is “numerous social benefits”. Yuriy Monakhov, a representative of the Simferopol mobile recruitment station , claims that “citizens are currently showing great interest in contract service.” According to has words, about 10-15 people make applications at the recruitment stations. The information can’t be independently verified.

Now Russia is conscripting 147,000 men aged 18 to 27 for mandatory military service. At the same time, Russia has intensified its campaign to replenish its own Armed Forces on a contract basis. Numerous posters and information boards can be seen across Moscow, in other cities of Russia, and on the annexed Crimean Peninsula.

Human rights defenders point out that Russia President Vladimir Putin has not signed an edict on completing the “partial mobilization” for the war with Ukraine. As Ms.Olha Skrypnyk, Chairperson of Crimean Human Rights Group Board said, this may testify that Russia will continue looking for people to “send them to death, in fact”.

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