Oleksiy Kyseliov, Ex Captain of MS SLAVUTICH, Went on Hunger Strike due to Lack of Medical Care

Oleksiy Kyseliov, a volunteer and ex-captain of  MS SLAVUTICH of Ukrainian Navy, went on hunger strike due to lack of medical care.

This was reported by a CHRG monitor, and confirmed by Artem Kyseliov, his son.

Mr Kyseliov is known to have been tortured with electric current after the detention, so his right hand is practically not operating, and he has also difficulties with his left hand: he can’t hold even a pen for a long time.

GRATY editorial board published a letter by Oleksiy Kyseliov in which he was describing the torture and his health condition.

“I need medical help now. I have broken ribs, dislocations of the joints of my arms and legs, and a broken tooth. We sent a complaint to the Military Investigation Department of the Southern Area. The inspection result is null. No investigative action is being taken on my complaint of torture,” Mr.Kysiliov notes in his letter.

Despite numerous complaints, he has not been seen by a doctor since July.

According to the CHRG monitor, Kysiliov’s hunger strike was supported by 6 more cells of the Special Unit of Pre-Trial Detention Center no 1. However, on October 31, they suspended the action: a doctor arrived to examine the volunteer. However, the examination was not complete. Mr.Kysiliov continues his hunger strike.

As reported:

  • Oleksiy Kyseliov, Retired Reserve 1st Rank Captain, and Former Commander of the HQ Ukrainian Navy MS SLAVUTICH, Volunteer and Activist, was detained in occupied Heniches’k on July 22,, and taken out to Crimea. Later Mr.Kyseliov informed the lawyer that he had been interrogated with violence and use of electric current.
  • on July 29, 2022, “investigator” Sergei Bushuyev filed a petition with the ‘Kievskiy District Court’ of Simferopol to arrest the pensioner. The ‘court’ considered it on the same day. ‘Judge’ Valentina Kamynina arrested him for two months under RF CC Article 208-2. According to the security agencies, Oleksiy Kiseliov ‘being on the territory of Ukraine, in May 2016, voluntarily joined the armed formation “Crimean Tatar Volunteer Battalion named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan” operating on its territory, that is against the laws of this country, and acting for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation.’
  • Kyseliov denies his guilt and answering the questions of the investigation says that he knows nothing about the weapons, members and goals of the volunteer detachment.
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