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Oleksandr Savytskyy, Resident of Yalta, Arrested for Publications on Social Networks

The occupiers detained the resident of Yalta who had published critical messages on social networks. According to the human rights experts, his persecution may be classified as politically motivated.

On January 24, Telegram channel of Aleksandr Talipov, a pro-Russian propagandist-blogger, published a video of detaining Oleksandr Savytskyy, a Yalta resident.

“Aleksandr Savitskiy, who actively discredited the Russian army on social networks, insulted the president, denied the territorial integrity of the country, was waiting for the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and published Nazi slogans, was detained in Yalta,” Talipov wrote.

According to the occupiers, by the decision of an unknown “court” the man was arrested for 10 days, and a report was drawn up under Article 20.3.3 “discreditation of the army”.

According to Olha Skrypnyk, Head of the Crimean Human Rights Group board, Oleksandr Savytskyy, a Yalta resident, stayed in the city to take care of his elderly mother.

“He is known for his critical publications on social networks, where he has criticized, ridiculed and written sarcastic texts about the occupation authorities, pointing out crimes. He had texts about the so-called “referendum” and others. This is what caused the persecution – his public statements,” the human rights defender said.

Ms. Skrypnyk also noted that the political motives of the persecution were confirmed by the manner Mr. Savytskyy had been detained in.

“Despite the fact that he was charged with an administrative violation, the occupation authorities used a resource of a special police unit, a large group of security forces, who detained him like a terrible criminal. Accordingly, there are reasons to believe that the next step of the occupation authorities will be criminal persecution. Taking all this into account, we believe that this is the politically motivated persecution of Oleksandr Savytskyy for expressing his opinion,” Olha Skrypnyk emphasized.

  • To remind: In 2023, the number of criminal and administrative cases against Crimeans provoked by the publications of the pro-Russian blogger Aleksandr Talipov, the founder and coordinator of the Internet community called “Crimean SMERSH”, increased. The community members are persecuting those who do not support the Russian power and the war against Ukraine, publishing the personal data of such people, inciting hatred to them, calling to persecute them, and reporting to the RF FSB and MIA.
  • For example, after the publication on the Talipov channel in June 2023, two residents of the village of Sieverne of the Chernormosk District were detained: Yuriy and Oleksandr Velichko, father and son. The men were forced to apologize on camera, and then the “Razdolnoye District Court” fined each of them RUR2,000 for “discrediting the Russian army.” In the summer, Dliaver Salimov, a Crimean Tatar from Staryy Krym, was deprived of liberty for 14 days after refusing to publicly apologize to the Talipov Telegram channel.
  • The CHRG also documented cases of criminal persecution for anti-war actions. For example, in Kerch, two local residents – Yehor Savchenko and Mykhaylo Zhydkov – were detained because of anti-war graffiti made in the city. The “court” placed Yehor Savchenko under house arrest. According to available information, a case was opened against the men under RF CC Article 214-2 (vandalism motivated by political hatred).
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