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Occupiers Sentenced Zarivnyy, Chairman of ATO Veterans’ Association from Kherson Land, to 13 years in Confinement

Oleksandr Zarivnyy, Chairman of Olekshky ATO Veterans’ Association, and Head of Kherson State District Administration Department for Humanitarian Policy, abducted in Kherson Land was sentenced by the occupiers to 13 years in confinement.

As the CHRG informed, this judgement was awarded by the occupational “Kherson Region Court”. Zarivnyy was accused of espionage (RF CC Article 276). According to the occupational “investigation” data, he communicated the location and size of the Russian troops in Kherson Region.

Pursuant to order of RF President No 88-F3 of 3 April 2023, to persecute Ukrainians in the occupied territories 16 specific courts are known to have been established in the occupied territory of Kherson Region. These courts have been sentencing abducted local residents. 8 specific “courts” have been established in the occupied territory of Zaporizhia Region.

As informed by the CHRG, Oleksandr Zarivnyy was abducted on March 17, 2022. That day the Russians burst into the family’s house in Oleshky, drew guns on the wife and the daughter, and then moved him, handcuffed, in an unknown direction.

Oleksandr was kept about 4 weeks in Kherson Temporary Detention Unit seized by the Russian military. Then he was moved to Simferopol where he was kept in Simferopol Pre-Trial Detention Center No.2 on the charge of espionage (RF CC Article 276, a 10 to 20-years’ sentence).

In the winter of 2023 Oleksandr Zarivnyy was placed in the mental hospital for hospital forensic psychiatric evaluation. The occupiers extended his arrest in Simferopol Pre-Trial Detention Center No.2 several times.

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