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No Ukrainian FM Radio Station Signal in Minimum 10 Northern Crimean Settlements

This has been verified by the Crimean Human Rights Group monitoring held in November, 2018.

The monitoring was managed with car audios at the Northern Crimean settlements located close to checkpoints as well as at the checkpoints on the Ukraine-controlled territory.

Regarding the Crimean occupied territory the monitored settlements are Armiansk, Krasnoperekopsk, Djankoy, Pervomayskoye, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Krepkoye, Vishnevoye, Voinka, Lobanovo, Chaykino, Mysovoye, Medvedevka, Voykovo as well as on the terrain at the KALANCHAK and CHONGAR checkpoints at both sides of the administrative border with Crimea.

Several Ukrainian radio stations can be heard only in three settlements and at the CHONGAR checkpoint. As to other towns and settlements there is no broadcasting at this frequency at all or the Russian stations broadcast.

At the CHONGAR checkpoint on the Ukraine-controlled territory 8 Ukrainian radio stations: UA: UKRAYINSKE RADIO, LUX FM, MEYDAN, ARMIA FM, Radio Hayat, Radio NV, Krym.Realii, Kherson FM are well received.

On the territory of the occupied Crimea, next to CHONGAR checkpoint, such Ukrainian stations as UA: UKRAYINSKE RADIO, ARMIA FM, Radio NV, Kherson FM may be heard, with MAYAK Russian radio station broadcasting instead of Radio Hayat, and KRYM Russian radio doing instead of MEYDAN radio. There is no broadcasting at all, just clutting, at LUX FM frequency, and full silence (white noise) on Krym.Realii radio station frequency.

However, at the KALANCHAK checkpoint on the Ukraine- controlled territory and along the road from the settlement of Kalanchak (20km) there is no broadcasting at all on these frequencies or Russian radio stations as SPUTNIK v KRYMU, KRYM, MAYAK, VESTI FM, VATAN SEDASY broadcast.

The situation on the occupied territory at the KALANCHAK checkpoint is the same. It should be noted that the KRYM Russian radio on this territory broadcasts on two frequencies simultaneously, overlapping the broadcasting of ARMIA FM and Radio HAYAT that have received licenses for these frequencies.

The UA Radio Station can be heard only in one settlement among those in the list, while in the other settlements only the noise or broadcasting of SPUTNIK in CRIMEA Russian station can be heard on its frequency.

LUX FM can be also heard only in one settlement, with no broadcasting on this frequency in all others.

ARMIA FM can be also heard only in one settlement, with KRYM radio or clutting heard on this frequency in the others.

The KRYM Russian radio station broadcasts on the MEYDAN Radio frequency in 12 settlements of the list, with no broadcasting at all on this frequency in Armiansk.

In 12 settlements of the list the MAYAK Radio broadcasts on the Radio HAYAT frequency, but for the village of Voykovo where NA SEMI KHOLMAKH Russian radio station broadcasts.

RADIO NV can be heard only in two settlements of the list, with clutting in one of them. In seven settlements the MAYAK Russian radio broadcasts on this frequency, with no broadcasting at all in the other settlements of the list.

The VESTI FM Russian radio station broadcasts on the frequency of KRYM.REALII in 11 settlements. In one of the settlements the signal quality on this frequency is very due to signals of two radio stations overlapped, and there is silence (white noise) in another one.

KHERSON FM radio station can be heard in two settlements of the list. In nine the VATAN SEDASY broadcasts on this frequency, and KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA Russian Radio does in one settlement. There is no broadcasting at all in one settlement.

Based on the monitoring findings, it may be concluded that the Crimean occupation authorities have been jamming recently a signal of Ukrainian broadcasters, by putting on the Russian radio stations at the same frequencies among other actions.

It should be reminded that in the July of 2018 the Crimean Human Rights Group monitored already the broadcasting of Ukrainian radio stations in Crimea. That time the radio broadcasting was checked in 13 settlements on 4 FM frequencies. The monitoring findings also proved a partial jamming of the Ukrainian radio station broadcasting in the occupied Crimea

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