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Nariman Dzhelial, Asan and Aziz Aktemov Kept in Custody For Another Month

On December 22, the “Kievskiy District Court” of Simferopol (judge O.V. Karchevskaya) granted the FSB investigator’s motion and extended the detention of Mr.Nariman Dzhelial, Mr.Asan and Mr.Aziz Akhtemovs for one more month, i.e. until February 23, 2022.

As lawyer Nikolay Polozov said, the investigator’s motion was first time considered in one court session attended by three defendants, and not separately as before.

The session was in camera and a detailed information should not be disclosed, the lawyer stated.

As requested by the defense, the court presented documents substantiating the decision to consider the case in camera. The judge turned out to have made this decision due to the investigator’s motion who seemed to find out an open trial a threat to security of the court session participants. At the same time, of course, no documents substantiating these assumptions, for example, information notes based on the results of law enforcement intelligence, or other evidence had been presented by the investigator. ‘In fact, the right to implement the principle of transparency was made null and void by the court only because the investigator had dreamt up some mythical threats to security of who knows who and who knows from whom. Actually, it is quite obvious that there is an abuse of the authority, with this illegal action fully supported by the court”, – Nikolay Polozov said.

This decision of the “Kievskiy District Court” of Simferopol will be appealed by the defense.

As reported, on December 15, the preliminary investigation of the case of the gas pipeline blowing up in the village of Perevalnoye was completed.

The defendants in the case are accused under Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Articles 281.2 (a), (b) (committing sabotage by an organized group, resulting in significant property damage), 222.1-4 (illegal acquisition, storage and transportation of explosive devices committed by an organized group), 226.1-3 (illegal transfer of an explosive device across the customs border of the Customs Union within the framework of the EurAsEC  committed by an organized group).

The defendants do not admit guilt on any of the charges.

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