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Irina Gorobtsova Abducted in May is Kept in Pre-Trial Detention Centre No 1 of Simferopol

Activist Irina Gorobtsova, abducted in May, is being kept in the Pre-Trial Detention Center No 1 in Simferopol.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov told this, referring to the response received from the “law enforcement” agencies. Lawyer Kurbedinov also said that based on the text of the document, Ms.Irina Gorobtsova had been kept in the pre-trial detention center since at least May 25, since it was that day when fingerprinting had been carried out in the pre-trial detention center.

In addition, Mr.Kurbedinov submitted a request to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation, but has not received any answers so far.

To remind: Ms.Irina Gorobtsova, a resident of Kherson, Senior QA at one of the leading IT companies in Ukraine. On May 13, she was abducted in Kherson.

After February 24, the woman volunteered in the city. In social networks, she published posts in support of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, openly condemned the Russian invasion and occupation of Kherson, collected funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and called for the rescue of AZOVSTAL

On May 13, two black ‘Z’ letter marked jeeps arrived at her house, and the armed men took Irina with them. The parents addressed the RF FBS with a request to help find their daughter. With some time passed, they received an answer: “This person is being held in Simferopol, so there is no reason to search. However, this person has resisted the special operation. Therefore, after the end of the special operation, appropriate measures will be taken against her.”

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