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Information Human Rights HQ Established in Ukraine

An information human rights headquarters has been created in Ukraine to regularly publish data regarding the violation of human rights during the Russian aggression that are important for the world human rights community and the mass media. This decision was made by – representatives of Ukrainian and international human rights organizations who participated in the meeting with Mr. Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine. The meeting was devoted to securing the rights of Ukrainian POWs and civilian captives held by the Russian Federation.

The information headquarters will be working non-stop and will become a platform for informational support of Ukrainian POWs and captives being held by the Russian aggressor.

‘We have to put pressure on the Russian Federation from all sides, we should keep this issue in focus at all international platforms and do everything that depends on us to get information and work on the international mission set-up,’ Andriy Yermak emphasized.

As noted by Ms.Emine Dzhaparova the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, joining the efforts of governmental and non-governmental human rights organizations would make it possible to develop new approaches in order to protect the rights of Ukrainian POWs and captives.

‘Only when we join our effort, we will be able to achieve a result,’ she said.

Ms.Olha Skrypnyk, Chairperson of Crimean Human Rights Group board, also called for attention to be paid to defend the rights of Ukrainian activists and Crimean Tatars, who were subjected to constant repression by the Russian occupiers in Crimea. She supported the initiative to constantly inform the international community about the issues of Ukrainian POWs and captives held by the aggressor.

‘It is very important that this headquarters shall also inform about the political prisoners imprisoned by the aggressor even before February 24, in Crimea and in Donbas, among whom are Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar activists,” Ms.Skrypnyk emphasized.

Dmytro Lubinets, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, said that the international community of ombudsmen was supporting the creation of new missions and platforms where the rights of Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilian hostages as well as deported children, who Russia continued to take away from the temporarily occupied territories, would be raised.

‘As human rights defenders, we must look for new platforms, new mechanisms to cope with this challenge. Therefore, I invite everyone to join this initiative and involve colleagues from all over the world,’ Mr.Lubinets said.

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