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In Crimea Ukrainian Activist Oleg Prikhod’ko Called to Prosecutor’s Office

He was informed that a case of administrative offence under RF CoAO Article 20.3 (propaganda of symbols and attributes of extremist organizations) was to be initiated. This was reported to the Crimean Human Rights Group by Mr Prikhod’ko himself.

He also mentioned that on June 19th he had been handed a notice on the time and place where a resolution on starting an administrative offence case was to be issued. As stated in the document, deputy ‘inter-district’ prosecutor Kolganov suggested Mr Prikhod’ko to come on June 21st to the prosecutor’s office of town of Saki where a decision on initiating the administrative case was to be taken. However, the notice did not indicate the symbols that the activist was to be held liable for.

We would remind that on February 8th 2019 the activist’s house and his daughter’s apartment were searched by the Russian police.

As reported by the activist, 2 laptops – his and his wife’s, a mobile, old CDs, models of German assault rifles, and an old German soldier helmet were withdrawn due to the searches. Then black-red[1] and Ukrainian flags, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar symbols, old leaflets were withdrawn, too. As the Crimean said, before the occupation he had been an activist and supporter of the SVOBODA Party, and kept these leaflets since. The policemen took away the Ukrainian symbols from his car.

After the searches Mr Prikhod’ko was convoyed to Simferopol – to the Crimean FSB Department, 2 Pavlenko Street where he was questioned in detail about his activities and asked to profile contacts in his mobile.

The Crimean Human Rights Group reported in the monitoring review for June 0216, that Oleg Prikhod’ko, a Ukrainian activist, and a participant of protests at Maydan, had been sentenced to a 72 hours’ administrative arrest for his refusal to change the Ukrainian licence plate on his car to the Russian one. Mr Prikhod’ko was stopped by the RF Traffic Police in the town of Saki. When speaking with the traffic policeman, he complained about stopping for the Ukrainian licence plate because coercion to use the Russian plate violated his rights. The traffic police called the police and stated that the Ukrainian had violated the public order, using the coarse language. The same day – on June 8th – Ms Ye.Islamgulova, a judge of Saki District Court, found Mr Prikhod’ko guilty of administrative offence under RF CoAO Article 20.1-1, and sentenced him to the 72 hours’ administrative arrest.

[1] Colours of Ukrainian nationalists

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