Homeless people in eastern Crimea were deprived of the opportunity to receive assistance and to draw up documents

bezdomnyieNothing was created to replace the liquidated “Kerch home of assistance to persons of no fixed abode”. The only institution that was engaged in helping people with no fixed abode was closed in eastern Crimea.

The corresponding decree № 805-p was signed on 27 July. In response to the information request this was announced by so-called deputy head of Kerch administration D. Melgaziev. The authorities do not know who will do the registration of homeless people in Kerch.

“Kerch home of assistance to persons of no fixed abode is in the process of liquidation. In connection with this issue a request was sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security about the organization of work with the citizens of no fixed abode and regarding what structural units will be responsible for the functions that were performed by the ” Kerch home of assistance to persons of no fixed abode ” after its liquidation”- reported in the statement of Melgaziev.

Nevertheless, at the site of so-called Crimean Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population it is stated that two institutions were created in Crimea: Simferopol and Kerch branches. “The main function of these institutions is registration of persons without a fixed place of residence, employment assistance, solution of social and domestic issues by the provision of temporary stay or an overnight stay on a single beds for each client providing a set of bedding and personal hygiene items,” – said in the statement of the ministry. (http://mtrud.rk.gov.ru/rus/info.php?id=631388)

However, in the “list of organizations that provide services to persons with no fixed abode” only “Simferopol house of help to people with no fixed abode” is stated. (Http://mtrud.rk.gov.ru/rus/info.php?id=631385)

Prior to the occupation of Crimea the Centre for homeless people was functioning in Kerch. The centre was engaged in accounting and assistance to people in difficult life situation. These people were given help in restoring of documents and getting social benefits, free meals were organized for them, humanitarian assistance was provided, if necessary, people were taken to medical facilities, search for relatives was organized.

In Crimea in 2014 Russian Federation opened a “Kerch house of assistance for persons of no fixed abode” on the basis of the Kerch Centre for homeless people. However, the head of institution Vladimir Parkhomenko in his interview with local media said that the house had problems with financing, and now it will be completely eliminated.

Homeless people are usually extremely vulnerable and not protected citizens, who need to be supported by the authorities. Without the help of the social security authorities such people often become victims of trafficking, forced unpaid labour and suffer from a serious illnesses, do not have the income to buy the basic necessities – food and clothing.

In this connection, closing of one of the two Crimean care centres for such people seriously degrades the situation – considers Olga Skrypnyk, the head of the Crimean Human Rights Group.

“In general, it must be said that over the past two years, the level of social security in Crimea has deteriorated, notably in the field of medicine. And the closing of “Kerch house of assistance for persons of no fixed abode” – yet another confirmation of reduction of social security of the peninsula residents. Under international law, people have the right for social security and for adequate standard of living, including adequate food, clothing and housing. However, if there are no centres for people with no fixed abode, then it is almost impossible to implement these rights “, – said Olga Skrypnyk.

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