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“Grenade Would Not Have Fit In Where It Was Said To Have Been Found”: Evidence Was Examined At Session of Mr Yesypenko’s Case

A scheduled court hearing in the case of journalist Vladislav Yesypenko was held at the “Simferopol District Court”.

The material evidence in the case – the grenade and the belt bag – was examined at this session.

As noted by lawyer Dmitry Dinze, the grenade could hardly fit into the belt bag, with no additional elements indicated in the case file to be placed there.

Also, according to him, it was found that the grenade could not fit in the pocket under the car steering column, where it was said to have been found after the arrest of Vladislav Yesypenko.

In addition, the court considered the prosecutor’s request to extend the pre-trial restriction: Mr Yesypenko to remain in custody until March 18.

The next session is to be held on December 21.

As reported by the CHRG, during the last session, two FSB men were interrogated again – an agent of the name of Korovin, who controlled the arrest of the journalist, and an explosives expert who examined a grenade found in Yesypenko’s car. During the interrogation of Korovin, the defense was interested in the place where the grenade had been found and why the video recorder was not mentioned in the case file. The FSB man said that he did not remember these circumstances, and his interrogation finished with this.

After that, the defense asked the explosives expert about the methods he had used during the examination. According to the defense lawyer, the expert failed to answer this question and even suggested that it had not been a grenade, but a mine. Later, he explained this statement, saying that he had used a comparison “for understanding.”

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