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Former Commander of the MS SLAVUTICH Was Abducted And Is Being Judged in Crimea

Oleksiy Kyseliov, Retired Reserve 1st Rank Captain, and Former Commander of the HQ Ukrainian Navy MS SLAVUTICH, Volunteer and Activist, was detained in occupied Heniches’k, and taken out to Crimea.

As his son Artem Kyseliov informed, the volunteer was abducted on July, 22.

“Representatives of the “Republics” abducted my father. Where they kept him for several days is unknown, but it was said that on July 27th he had crossed the border with Crimea, there he was detained and taken to the Simferopol Pre-trial Detention centre,” Artem Kiseliov wrote.

Oleksiy Kiseliov is accused of serving in “Noman Chelebidzhikhan Battalion” (RF CC Article 208-2).

On July 29, the “court” in Simferopol imposed a pre-trial restraint on him – two months of detention.

“The father’s physical condition demonstrates that he has been beaten, and, maybe, tortured. The case is surely to be fully fabricated and unlawful”, the activist’s son said.

Mr.Oleksiy Kyseliov (born on February 2, 1964) was Commander of the HQ Ukrainian Navy Ship SLAVUTICH. When he retired at the Captain 1st Rank, he became a businessman and a public activist in Sevastopol. When Crimea was occupied in 2014, he left for Heniches’k. He is one of founders of PERESELENETS’ – SOS (RESETTLER SOS) NGO dealing with rights of internally displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas.

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