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During the hunger strike, Vladimir Balukh lost 30 kg of weight, – Olga Dinze

The Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh, who is kept in Simferopol jail by the occupation authorities of Crimea, has lost 30 kg of weight since the start of the hunger strike (March 19, 2018). This was reported by the lawyer Olga Dinze on June 6, 2018 at a press conference in central administrative board, organized by the Crimean human rights group.

“Balukh went on a hunger strike at the end of March 2018. At present, he has been starving for almost 2.5 months. Now he has a light regime, after the first month of the hunger strike, he switched to crackers and jelly, as he lost 30 kg. We started to lose him, and thanks to the great Archbishop Clement, he persuaded him to start taking at least some food, “Dinze noted. Baluh did not stop the hunger strike, but began to add liquid honey to the water and eat a little crackers and oat jelly.

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