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Debate in Case of Yesypenko Postponed by Month

A scheduled court hearing in the case of freelance journalist Vladislav Yesypenko was held at the “Simferopol District Court”.

During the session, the defense filed a motion to attach the explanations of the defendant’s wife that Vladislav had never had any interest in explosive devices and on the eve of his arrest she had not seen a grenade in his car, to the case file. The “judge” refused to attach explanations, noting that they correlated with the testimony of the defendant.

The defense also petitioned for disclosing operational files – documents of an explosive technical examination and an initial report, which became the reason for criminal intelligence activities in relation to Mr.Yesypenko. Both petitions were rejected.

In addition, during the session it became clear that there was no decision of the military-investigative committee on the fact of torture against Mr.Yesypenko in the case file. Based on this, the court postponed starting the debate stage.

The next session was to be held on January 21.

As reported by the CHRG, the material evidence in the case – the grenade and the belt bag – was examined at the previous session. As noted by lawyer Dmitry Dinze, the grenade could hardly fit into the belt bag, with no additional elements indicated in the case file to be placed there.

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