Citizen Journalist Amet Suleymanov Is Kept in SIZO Special Unit Without Medicines

Citizen journalist Amet Suleymanov is being kept in the special unit, with the medicines he needs having been taken away. This was reported by his wife Lilia Liumanova, as CRIMEAN SOLIDARITY informs.

The Crimean Tatar suffers from chronic rheumatic heart disease, so he has been prescribed Bicilin-5. The medicine is to be taken once every three weeks. However, once Amet was brought to the Detention Center, the medicine and syringes were taken away.

The issue is how the treatment will go now, who will be giving injections, whether they will be given in the least?” Lilia Liumanova is worrying about. Mr.Suleymanov was allowed to keep some medicines – so he takes them daily.

Ms. Liumanova informed that her husband’s condition “failed due to a change in circumstances, reality, mode of life.” The Crimean Tatar, the Muslim, was unable to fast in the detention center because he had to drink medicines. The quarantine unit, where Amet was placed once he had been brought to the detention center, is a small basement room. “There were 11 people in the room, it was heavily filled with smoke, and Amet was the only one who didn’t smoke”, Mr.Suleymanov’s wife said. Lack of oxygen and fresh air caused the Crimean Tatar-Muslim to suffocate. ‘After staying in this smoky basement for two weeks he became short in breath and started coughing”, this is how Mrs.Suleymanova described her husband’s condition.

Mr.Suleymanov also informed that he was suffering from high blood pressure and chest pain, that made him constantly take medicines.

As reported, on 29 October, 2021, the Southern Area Military Court of Rostov-na-Donu announced sentences for the defendants of the Third Bakhchisaray “Hizb ut-Tahrir Case”: 17 years in custody for Seytumer Seytumerov, 14 years in custody for Osman Seytumerov, 13 years in custody for Rustem Seyitmemetov, and 12 years in custody for Amet Suleymanov. They all should serve their sentences in the maximum-security regime penal colony.

Amet Suleymanov was the only defendant kept on house arrest due to his health condition: he should regularly visit the doctor because he suffers from arterial and mitral insufficiencies. He was also recommended to have a heart valve replaced.

On April 5, 2023, FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service) men came to Amet Suleymanov’s home to carry out the sentence that came into force. Relatives called this a death sentence.

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