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‘Children’s Tank Training Area’: War Crimes To Justify in Children’s Conscience in Crimea

‘Children’s tank training area’ was created in Sevastopol, on the Mount Sapun territory.

‘Tanks’ T-34 and SU-122 with children drive along the ground among the barrels. A ‘tank’ ride for a few meters costs 400 rubles.

‘The militarization continues and, as we see, even entertainment for children is used for this. If earlier we have said that such militarization is intended to prepare for service in the Russian army, now – during the full-scale war that Russia unleashed – this is an excuse for war crimes committed by the Russian Federation. Thus, the idea being created in the minds of children is that there are no war crimes, it is entertainment, it is fun to ride a tank. But the reality is this: tanks are killing thousands of civilians in Ukraine, including children. Therefore, this does not only confirm the scale of militarization, this is an attempt to justify war crimes even in the conscience of children’, Ms.Olha Skrypnyk, Head of Crimean Human Rights Group, believes.

As the CHRG reported, since the beginning of the occupation, Crimean children have been under the influence of ambitious aggressive Russian military propaganda. Some of these actions may be defined as war crime and violate the rights of the child.

The entire school system, starting with the curricula, in one form or another has promoted service in the Russian army and the values of the Russian world, which deprives children of the opportunity to demonstrate Ukrainian identity or freely choose their own one.


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