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An ambulance was called to the “court” for the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh due to pain in the back and dizziness

Vladimir Balukh again felt ill during the court session of the Razdolnoye District Court. “Judge” Elena Tedeeva repeatedly refused to call an ambulance, but the activist and his defender managed to call the doctors. Medical staff refused to take him to the district hospital due to lack of grounds and conducted a medical examination right in the courthouse.

After the examination they informed the “court” about the aggravation of the chronic disease and left.

Before that, the defense of the Ukrainian declared a petition for the audio recordings of the court session to prove that the “judge” Tedeevа when making a refusal to challenge, entered information about the opinion of the “prosecutor”, which “the prosecutor” did not really say. On this basis, the defense of Vladimir Balukh plans to declare a challenge the “judge” and send a complaint to the qualification board of judges.

A break was declared in the “court” after that. Vladimir Balukh still feels ill

Since he is under house arrest, he cannot get a normal examination and go to a hospital.

The Crimean human rights group previously reported that the Razdolnoye “court” in Crimea several times refused to satisfy Vladimir Balukh’s petition for his medical examination. The “judge” Tedeeva explained her refusal by the fact that V. Balukh is not deprived of the opportunity to call an ambulance.

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