An activist charged with “defamation” of the army of the Russian Federation managed to get out of Crimea

A graduate of law department, credit specialist, Kerch resident Illia Hantsevskyi managed to get out of temporarily occupied Crimea to Denmark after the occupation authorities started to go after the man for posts in social media against Russian aggression in Ukraine.  

This was reported to ZMINA by Illia Hantsevskyi himself.

According to him, for several years he had no posts in social media on political topics. However, he started to post such messages from the beginning of unprovoked full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine.

The man believes that the occupation law enforcement became active because of a photo of a girl, whom he had met in a shopping mall and made a photo in support, as her T-shirt print read “No to Putin! No to war!”

He was apprehended and beaten by three armed persons in a military uniform without markings on the 13th of April. According to the victim, during his first apprehension the “policemen” took all of his documents, in particular ID code and Ukrainian passport. After that he was moved and held in a temporary detention facility for 14 days, then was placed under house arrest for a month.

They said that they would not initiate criminal proceedings and called their actions preventive measures”, the man told.

Ultimately the so-called “investigating committee” opened a criminal case against him under Art. 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the RF about dissemination of fakes about Russian army. The grounds for opening of the case was a repost of a post made by a news site about the rocket attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk on the 8th of April, as a result of which the Russians killed 59 civilians.

“The investigators said that I took that information from the President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and that it was a fake that discredited the Russian army”, Hantsevskyi told.

The activist also reported that, after he left temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian law enforcement came to search his parents’ home, where he was registered. Also, they are regularly calling his relatives and tell them what a bad person he is and that he has betrayed “faith, tsar and homeland”.

Illia Hantsevskyi recommends all activists in the temporarily occupied territories to leave for safer places at the first bell of apprehension or imprisonment.

“Occupation of our country started from Crimea. De-occupation must end, when the last town in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, must home town Kerch, is freed. Glory to Ukraine!”, the activist said.

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