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Actyvist Bohdan Ziza Is Temporarily Kept in Penal Colony in Perm

Crimean artist Bohdan Ziza sentenced to 15 years is being kept in penal colony No.29 in Perm.

As reported by the CHRG, Penal Colony No.29 is a temporary stop during transportation, the next will be a prison where Mr.Bohdan Ziza will have to serve the first 4 years of sentence. Where exactly the activist is being transported remains unknown.

After the Military Court of Appeal in Vlasikha had upheld his sentence, the activist was moved away from Novocherkassk, but nothing is known where he was all this time.

To remind,

  • RF FSB detained Bohdan Ziza, a Crimean resident, on May 17. He was accused of having spilled yellow and blue paint on the entrance to the Yevpatoriya ‘occupational administration’ building on May 16.
  • Ziza pointed out that at the stage of investigation Aleksandr Lavrov, an investigator of FSB Crimean Department, had been beating him, threatening with pre-trial detention center conditions, and describing what would happen to the artist once he was placed in prison. In addition, Bohdan was forced to make a video after the detention.
  • On June 6, the Southern Area Military Court in Rostov-na-Donu sentenced the Crimean activist to 15 years in the general security regime penal colony. He was found guilty of justifying terrorism (RF CC Article 205.2-2), preparing to commit a terrorist attack (RF CC Article 30-1, Article 205-1) and vandalism motivated by political enmity (RF CC Article 214-2). The Prosecutor’s Office asked for 18 years’ sentence for the Crimean artist and activist Bohdan Ziza on the summary indictment.
  • Making his last statement, Mr. Ziza highlighted again that he had acted against the war in Ukraine supported passively by most Russians.
  • On June 10 Bohdan Ziza went on hunger strike. He demanded his Russian nationality to be withdrawn and Ukrainian political prisoners to be released. On June 27 he stopped the hunger strike.
  • On September 27, 2023, the Military Court of Appeal in town of Vlasikha located in Moscow outskirts upheld the sentence of the Crimean artist – 15 years in confinement.
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