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Activist Tofik Abdulgaziyev Diagnosed Tuberculosis and Other Serious Diseases

Tofik Abdulgaziyev, a Crimean Tatar activist unlawfully sentenced to 12 years in confinement was diagnosed tuberculosis.

According to lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, doctors also diagnosed the Kremlin prisoner as having other diseases, too: bilateral pneumonia, small left-sided hydrothorax (fluid in the lungs); anemia of medium severity; connective tissue dysplasia syndrome with mitral valve involved (heart disease); chronic heart failure; chronic gastritis and nephrolithiasis.

As activist Lutfiye Zudiyeva informs, the defence of the political prisoner is preparing a legal statement due to serious diseases of Mr. Abdulgaziyev.

Tofik Abdulgaziyev has been in prison hospital no 3 in Cheliabinsk for a month.

In addition, Ms. Zudiyeva informed that political prisoner Asan Yanikov sentenced to 15 years in the maximum-security regime penal colony, had been beaten up in the prison of Vladimir City.

“Asan informed that on April 6 during the inspection he was hit his head against concrete by two men on duty after he had asked them to take his foodstuff from the store-room”, his sister, Fatime Yanikova, said. She mentioned that Asan had not provoked the prison staff and had not resisted. The relatives and the defence will complain to RF FSIN due to this fact.

In addition, according to the activist, 66-year-old Zekirya Muratov, with Group 3 disabilities, was transferred to penal colony no 5 in Nizhniy Novgorod from the prison in Balashov, Saratov Region. This was reported by his daughter Lenara Mutalupova, whom he had contacted via ZONATELECOM prison communication. In the summer of 2021, he contracted a coronavirus infection in the pre-trial detention center. He was taken to MOTB-19 prison hospital in Rostov-na-Donu in a serious condition with bilateral pneumonia: 50% of his lungs were damaged. Later he experienced a hypertensive crisis.



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