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Activist Iryna Danylovych Was Convoyed to Krasnodar

Ms.Iryna Danylovych, a citizen journalist, was convoyed to the pre-trial detention center of Krasnodar.

This has been reported by Mr.Bronyslav Danylovych, the activist’s father.

As he said, Iryna is to be convoyed farther from Krasnodar but where ultimately is still unknown.

Mr.Danylovych reported that Iryna’s health had not become better. She can’t hear in her left ear, is emotionally depressed, and is crying all the time.

To remind:

  • Iryna Danylovych disappeared on April 29th. For eight days she was kept in the basement of FSB building, subject to polygraph tests, put a sack on her head and threatened that she would be taken out to the forest if she hid something. All this time she was fed once a day and taken to the toilet twice a day. At the end of this stay in the FSB Ms.Danylovych was offered to sign some blank forms in exchange for freedom. Once she had done this, she was told that two hundred grams of explosive substance had been found in her small bag and then she was moved to court to impose a pre-trial restriction.
  • A criminal case has been opened against Ms. Iryna Danylovych under RF CC Article 222.1-1 (Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or translocation of explosives). According to the lawyer, a pre-trial restriction was officially imposed on her only on May 7th, with the involvement of state lawyer (by appointment).
  • On December 28, Nataliya Kulinskaya, “judge” of “Feodosiya City Court”, sentenced Ms.Iryna Danylovych, a nurse, an activist and a citizen journalist to 7 years in the general security regime penal colony and a RUR50,000 fine.
  • Danylovych stated in her last plea that “the FSB men prepared a criminal case in haste: they planted an explosive device – that I had no way to see – in my belongings. I understand that the representatives of the prosecutor’s office and the court know about my innocence, and that’s why the fact that there are no investigation findings in the indictment: where I allegedly took this device, what for, what I was going to do with it, etc., has not confused them. Instead, there is a whole volume of my interviews with links to interviews in the mass media in my criminal case”.
  • Iryna Danylovych’s health condition is reported to have become materially worse: the activist may become completely deaf.
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