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Action to Support Bakhchisarai Hizb-ut-Takhrir Case Defendants Held in Kyiv at Maydan Nezalezhnosti

About fifty activists were present at the event on September 16, 2020, and were holding posters saying: “Stop ‘Cooking’ Criminal Cases Against the Crimean Tatar People”, “Religious beliefs Are Not Terrorism”, “Stop This Lawlessness”, “Return Fathers to Children” and others.

“They are being punished just for being activists. These people have not committed the crimes they are accused of, they have nothing to do with terrorism. People for a murder or a fatal crash are now awarded shorter sentences in the Russian Federation than those requested for the defendants of the second Bakhchisarai group in the “case of Crimean Muslims”, which is completely fabricated. I urge everyone: write letters to prisoners, write about them on Facebook, come to the actions. Support the families of these people, who will be awarded many-years’s sentences in a few hours, obviously. Support people who are fighting with this system, ” said Ms. Olga Skripnik, one of the participants of the action, head of the board of the Crimean Human Rights Group.

The activists placed a banner with the words “Freedom for Kremlin’s Political Prisoners” on the railing of the pedestrian bridge over Maydan Nezalezhnosti.

Given the completion of the politically motivated criminal proceedings against the defendants of the second Bakhchisarai group and the upcoming verdict of the Southern Military Area Court, the Statement of the CRIMEAN SOLIDARITY Civil Society Movement was acknowledged at the action.

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