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About 100 fatalities in Brigade from Pereval’ne – Armed Forces of Ukraine HQ

As informed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine HQ, a funeral ceremony for about 100 military men was held in the quarters of the 126th Separate Coast Guard Brigade in the occupied Crimea.

In addition, according to the HQ, similar memorial events were recently held in the Sailors’ Club of Sevastopol for the Black Sea Navy marines who died in the war against Ukraine.

As reported by CHRG, on March 21 it became known that in the south of Ukraine the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wiped out a unit of the 126th Coast Guard Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Navy, quartered in Pereval’ne. The names of Mikhail Koviazin and Magomed Gasanaliyev were among the killed.

The 126th Separate Horlivka Red Flag Suvorov Order Coast Guard Brigade (126ObrBO, m/u 12676) is known to be a coast guard division of the Russian Black Sea Navy established on the base in the village of Pereval’ne, Simferopolsky District, where the 36th Separate Coast Guard Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy used to be quartered.

As reported by the CHRG, Ihor Rudenko, a commander of the unit of the 126th Coast Guard Brigade in Pereval’ne, gave journalists a briefing recently in Kyiv.

He told that in January 2022 he was a head of communication unit when his unit in the 126th Coast Guard Brigade in Pereval’ne started training for the war against Ukraine.

In January, a commission came to our unit to check equipment and hold marches. The  personnel was dressed, equipped with bulletproof vests, helmets, harnesses, and weapons. Military inspections were held almost daily. The equipment was thoroughly prepared: armored personnel carriers, tanks. They were filled completely with ammunition, military exercises were conducted, the personnel was trained. The propagandists worked saying that this was training so that the personnel would know nothing. But we as officers understood that it was for the purpose. And we knew that an assault on Ukraine was being prepared, – Rudenko told. – And so by February 20 military units of Crimea, these were 810 (Sevastopol), 12676 (Pereval’ne) were fully staffed, and sent to Cape Opuk near Kerch for preparation and exercises, but the trainings were held with combat shells of all kinds: howitzers, missiles, tanks , SPGs, as well as training of personnel for shooting with Kalashnikovs, machine guns and grenade launchers. “

For more information on the military men from Crimea who died in the war – follow the link.  тут

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