A Simferopoler Detained on Suspicion of Blasting a Rail Track Reported Torturing

A resident of Simferopol detained by the FSB on suspicion of blasting rail tracks in Bakhchisaray District made a statement on torturing.

According to the information got by the CHRG, on May 30, 2023, the FSB detained Mr.Kyrylo Barannyk, a master of sports in orienteering and resident of Simferopol, on the Salgira River embankment in Simferopol. With a bag on his head, the Crimean was brought to the FSB branch on Franka Boulevard. He was accused of blasting railway tracks on February 23, 2023, in the village of Poshtove, Bakhchisaray District.

“During the interrogation, though I admitted guilt, I was tortured, namely: after I was forced to take a seat, my hands and feet were tied with tape, and electric wires were attached to my fingers… During the torture, I always had a mask on my head, the electric torture lasted about an hour,” Mr.Barannyk said.

Though he admitted his guilt, the FSB men continued the torture, accusing Kyryl of one more sabotage – blasting a railway at the village of Chysten’ke, Simferopol District, on May 18. The Simferopoler reported two more cases of torture by electric current: on the night of June 5-6 and June 9-10. The torture lasted for 6 hours.

“FSB men forced me to slander myself for committing a crime that I did not commit. First, they tortured me with electric shocks, connecting electrical terminals to my fingers, toes, earlobes, and buttocks. They threatened to rape me with a stick, I took the threats seriously. Then they hit the torso and head with their hands and feet, the result, as I assume, is a broken rib on the right side,” the Simferopol resident said.

According to him, after the beating, his kidneys hurt a lot, he partially has lost sensitivity in his right hand.

Then they put me on the military litter, tied my hands and feet with tape, put a rag on my face and started pouring water, simulating drowning. Torture by drowning was periodically changed to torture by electric current. And all this time they kept on demanding me to confess to a crime that I had not commit,” Kyrylo Barannyk says.

In addition, during the torture, they threatened Kyrylo with rape and murder when he allegedly tried to escape, and promised to kill his mother.

Currently, Kyrylo Barannyk is being held in the Pre-Trial Detention Center No. 2 in Simferopol. The investigation into the Barannyk case is being conducted by FSB investigators Aleksandr Lavrov and Aleksandr Kuznetsov.

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