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A Nova Kakhovka Resident Captured Three Times Was Found in Pre-Trial Detention Center no 2 of Simferopol

Leonid Kondrats’kyy, a resident of Nova Kakhovka, detained on October 7, 2022, in the city of Tavriys’k, Kakhovka District, Kherson Region, was found in Pre-Trial Detention Center no 2 of Simferopol.

The CHRG has been informed that Mr. Leonid Kondrats’kyy, b.1959, has been held in the Pre-Trial Detention Center no 2 for more than a year.

In 2014 Mr. Kondrats’kyy participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation at Avdiyivka in Donbas and spent there a year and a half. When the Kherson Land was occupied, the man was three times abducted, and did not return home after the third abduction.

According to his youngest daughter Iryna Lytvynenko, Leonid Kondrats’kyy lived with his common-law wife in Nova Kakhovka, but when the war started, they moved to his youngest daughter in the nearby town of Tavriysk. Every day he went to Nova Kakhovka to his work place – to the municipal guard. When the city authorities arranged buses to evacuate people from the Beryslav district to Nova Kakhovka, Mr. Kondrats’kyy started working as a driver. It was then, at the beginning of March, that the occupiers captured the man for the first time and held him captive for ten days. “The occupiers tortured him trying to find out whether Leonid Kondrats’kyy whose patronymic is ADOLFOVICH was really the great-grandson of Adolf Hitler. Just the idiocy,” the daughter said.

A week after Mr. Kondrats’kyy had been released, the Russian military came to search his daughter’s house. After this incident, Mr. Kondrats’kyy insisted that the daughter and her child leave the town.

When taken the second time, Mr. Leonid Kondrats’kyy was kept in the occupiers’ captivity for 17 days, from mid-April to early May, Iryna reported.

The Ukrainian was captured for the third time on October 7 at around 5:00 pm. The occupiers took him from his home, the daughter said. According to Iryna Lytvynenko, for the third time he was detained in the SBU building in Nova Kakhovka until October 18.

The investigator in Nova Kakhovka appointed by the occupiers told Kondrats’kyy’s relatives that he had been taken to Russia.

“For them, both DPR and LPR mean Russia, and Crimea is also Russia, they think so. Where exactly, I don’t know. They advised me to check in the Hornostayivka police unit, somewhere in the basement. I managed to get in touch with a person who, a few days later, said that the “Kadyrov’s Men” let everyone go because they had conflicted with the local authorities. If he had been there, he would have got in touch somehow, reported himself. But there were no calls, so he wasn’t there,” Iryna Lytvynenko said.

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